The Ultimate Tilt game – Free


Enter the world of ROLLOVER for 100 superb multiball action tilt puzzles!

Rollover is a 100 level multiball tilt game – and it's free.

App Highlights

  • ROLLOVER elements of the images to knock them out
  • Multiple interactive ‘level-specific’ special items for players to collect and use
  • Accelerometer (Tilt-sensor) controlled gameplay
  • Intuitive user interface and player controls
  • High-Score leaderboards

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ROLLOVER is a 100 level multiball tilt game. It is a kinetically engaging game that tasks players with rocking their mobile device to guide multiple balls at once around diverse game-fields with a colorful array of bonus items, obstacles, and traps. The game comprises one hundred progressively more challengin levels with unique special items peppered into each level to ensure gameplay stays fun and fresh.

Because it was built to emulate a real tilt-puzzle game, ROLLOVER is easy to control and incredibly intuitive to play. The goal for the gamer is to get as many points as possible in order to win a gold cup on each level completed. Players can race to grab their gold cup either through accuracy, sheer speed, or a balance of the two.

Additionally - in a clever twist - the game also allows players to be strategic in terms of how they pass through the game as a whole, rather than only on a level-by-level basis. To this end, certain levels in ROLLOVER are marked by a golden frame, which indicates that winning that level will give players a 'free pass' that they can use to skip a single level they find particularly hard.