About Us

The ROLLOVER app was designed and developed by Original Games, founded by long term games designer Ian Andrew.

With so many copycat games around (same game mechanic with different graphics) it is refreshing to see new ideas with original game play.

Ian started his game design career in 1981 developing games for 8 bit computers like the Sinclair ZX 81 and Spectrum. Ianís first title was Splat! - An original spin on the classic maze game - where a giant rectangle wall moved randomly over a huge maze and the player not only had to negotiate the maze but also avoid being splatted into the sides by the giant box.

Phone: +44 (0)1252 360531
Address: PO Box 345, Fleet, UK, GU51 4A

More Original Games Apps


Tile Puzzles

For the ipod touch, iphone and ipad. Two versions are available in the Apple iTunes Store.
A collection of sliding block puzzles in a wide variety of styles, including the traditional '8-puzzle' and '15-puzzle', some tricky variants on these, wooden puzzles, picture puzzles, photo puzzles made from your own photos, and a collection of 100 train puzzles - each a little more challenging than the previous one!

The companies game design history has included these games

  • Splat! (8 bit computers)
  • Mined Out - precursor to Mine sweeper (8 bit computers)
  • Driller (also known as Space Station Oblivion) (8 and 16 bit computers)
  • Dark Side (8 and 16 bit computers)
  • Castle Master (8 and 16 bit computers)